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more gems

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its called league of legends because when you see it you turn 360 degrees and walk away

But you’d be walking towards it if you turned 360 degrees??


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this guy fieri cake is slowly destroying my life

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can the science side of tumblr please explain to me why aoba did this stupid jog thing for 2 entire steps and then walked casually out of the room

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you are my fave person

awww <3

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i want a dangan ronpa au where junko is a rly mediocre mastermind so she just hangs out in the vents of the school and forms terrible schemes to cause despair. like delay lunch by ten minutes. change the temperature by five degrees occasionally. and she laughs maniacally to herself and mukuro is just like wtf

someone goes “hey it’s kinda hot in here” “yeah it’s kinda uncomfortable”

from deep within the school, junko whispers “despair